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Based out of San Francisco, CA, Ocean Treasures is oldest and largest full aquarium service, design, and installation provider. Our expert technicians service aquariums from San Francisco, the Peninsula, East Bay, and North Bay.

With humble beginings, Ocean Treasures was started by avid hobbiest and artist Daniel Pon in 2007 utilysing a cargo container as a base of operations. Through the years, Ocean Treasures grew to serve over 100 clients in the Bay Area and now operates from a 3300 Sqft warehouse in San Francisco.

Discus Display - Angled.JPG

Ocean Treasures is a full sevice provider capable of every phase from concept to design, construction, installation, and ongoing care. We pride ourselves in our ability to push the boundaries of design and aesthetics that result in lively and impactful aquariums that bring wonder and discusions for years.

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