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We are hiring!

Aquarium Technician: We are looking for a Rockstar Aquarium Tech! We are a full service aquarium business. We Design, build, install and maintain aquariums in residential and Commercial environments. The Aquarium Technician preferable will be in or near San Francisco. The Aquarium Technician will be responsible for assigned service accounts. Service accounts are mainly within the San Francisco area, but can go north to Marin, to the east bay, and down as far as Palo Alto. We can supply a Service Vehicle, but you must also be willing to use your personal vehicle during times in which the service vehicle is not available. Using your vehicle will receive standard mileage payment for use.Depending on skill level, this postion can be full or part time. Future growth to roles in management and design can also be possible. This job offers slight flexibility with scheduling. Service hours are within 9-5 Mon-Fri unless otherwise specified. You can perform your assigned duties in a flexible manner as long as client's tanks are serviced on time and the designated amount of hours are performed each week. There will also be duties in the warehouse when no service calls are available. Our warehouse is located in the Bayview area of San Francisco. Ideal candidates should live in or near San Francisco and have experience with aquariums. No Criminal Record! Good Driving Record! May require bonding and Background check.

Tasks for service accounts may include:

-Coordinating and communicating with your assigned clients about aquarium issues and scheduling.

-Traveling to scheduled appointments in a timely manner.

-Wiping down all surfaces, inside and out of the tank.

-Performing water changes, water testing

-Cleaning and maintaining equipment

-Observing and accessing the health of the tank and troubleshoot and resolve issues related to fish/coral health, and pest control such as algae, aptasia, or unwanted hitchhikers.

-Identify needs for equipment, supplies, and livestock for each tank and coordinate ordering with me.

-Decoration and aquascaping

-Fixing and installing equipment (sometimes on the fly, so this requires some resourcefulness)

-Assist in installing new systems to new clients.

Warehouse duties:

-Light building as we are constantly working on the warehouse.

-Care for in house tanks.

-Prep tanks for installs

-Acclimate fish and corals

-Tank design and fabrication (If your up to it)

-Social Media advertising

Preferred skills will include:

-Knowledge of Fresh water, salt water aquariums, equipment and fish/corals.

-Light Handyman skills. This incorporates the ability to put things together, take items apart, diagnose problems with equipment and coming up with solutions. Use of Power Tools

-Must be very trustworthy and honest and able to work independently. No criminal history! (Background checks may occur at some point if we decide to get you bonded)

-Must be meticulous and responsible with a Friendly and energetic personality.

-Will require a good memory or an ability to use tools and procedures that will help you remember. We have a lot of accounts and each one is unique!

-Able to carry 50+ lbs regularly

-Must have reliable vehicle and willing to use it for work. Must have space to carry jugs of water and equipment.

-If you are a licensed contractor, this would be a huge bonus as we are getting into larger installations.

-Basic Computer skills.

-Must Have cell phone, good communication and be on time.

Compensation: Dependant on experience and trial period. Part time starts at $25/hour. Full time Starts 50-60k salary. Other benefits include livestock and equipment we may offer at almost wholesale cost as long its for personal use only. Not for resale. Use of your vehicle will be given the standard mileage compensation.

Summary: For the right person, this can be an enjoyable job. It will take you to a variety of settings. This has the potential to lead to a full time position or towards a management role. The warehouse is a fun relaxed environment . You will need to be very honest and trustworthy for some of these locations are personal homes. You will be bringing happiness to families, businesses, day cares, elderly homes and more. This will forge some interesting friendships. It will also serve as a creative outlet for you may be given the responsibility to build, decorate, and stock entire tanks!

Please send your resume and a description of your aquarium related experience whether its personal or professional based.

Please send a cover letter, resume, at least three references and availability to

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