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Custom Builds

Ocean Treasures can offer the Bespoke aquarium experience. With attention to detail and a truly artistic eye, we can design and build any type of aquarium from the ground up. 


In-walls, stand alones, custom cabinetry, reefs, fish only, fresh water, planted, nature aquarium's, bio-types, and even restaurant seafood systems, we can and have done it all. For integrated installations that seamlessly fit into your homes, we will work with your Contractor and/or Interior Designer.

We can also build and install standard or smaller systems for the space and budget conscious. Just give us your vision and we will put a solution together for you.

The OTS way


We place an emphasis on highly intelligent designs and extreme aesthetics. It will not only function well, with comparatively less maintenance, but also have minimal if any visible wires or plumbing. We will tend towards Glass vs Acrylic in applications that allow for it. Glass will benefit from being difficult to scratch, easy to clean, and can look as if its new years down the road if cared for properly. Hundreds of dollars and hours can be saved when cleaning the glass as a 20 minute a week chore can be cut to 2 minutes with the right tools. 

Where possible, our high end builds operate on automatic water changes with the entire water making system residing under the tank itself. No more dragging buckets or hoses around or paying a service company to bring water. Also, our trademark designs eliminates the need for multiple large containers to make water. Your valuable closet space or garage does not always need to be converted into a fish room. 

These design elements reduce the time and cost to service the tank. When on a service plan, charged by the hour, these savings add up exponentially through time resulting in significant savings. 

Contact us to discus how we can bring your dream into a reality. 

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