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Brand new Red Sea Reefer 425 XL. Not a drop of water in the tank. Has been assembled and customised by proffesionals at Ocean Treasures Servicing. We Customised and built this tank, no expenses spared. Client decided last minute he wanted a bigger tank! So we are building him another and selling this one. Here is your chance to buy this at a steal. The tank is discounted at 20% off retail even though its brand new and customised. It has custom red plumbing and a control box/panel to house your electricals and display your controllers. Sold as a tank and stand only. WIll also sell Vertex Skimmer and reactors (all brand new for discounted price as well). This is a rediculous deal. This is located at client's house in Marin. WIll need to be able to pick up or have us move it for you.

Custom Red Sea Xl 425 (White)

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