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Animal Planet's Tanked! SF Giants 1300g Aquarium

We are proud to have assisted in the setup for this 1300 Gallon Monster Cold water System for the SF Giants at AT&T Park. This was created by ATM and will be featured on Animal Planet's Tanked, airing October 9th. It was 2 grueling days and Nights to handle the 150+ animals, setup, plumb and fill the tank, all while on camera.

Unfortunately, I didnt have the entire Ocean Treasures Crew in this final picture with Brett and Wayde of ATM, but at least you can see one of our techs, Carlos Carranza and myself in the picture below.

The best shot to illustrate how resourcefullness is a necessary ingredient to getting any job done, we have this picture!With the time restraint we had, the pumps to move 1400 gallons of water into the tank would have taken hours and we still had 30 boxes of livestock to add!. So we just used a forklift to hold a 1000 gallons of water over the tank and cut it open!

Some behind the scenes shots below.

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