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340 Gallon Bowfront Bar Reef Aquarium

Reef Aquarium with a Bar
340 Gallon Bowfront Reeftank with an integrated Bar

This 340 gallon glass bowfront aquarium was installed in 2019. as a residential project. The owner contributed to the design and aesthetic directions, incorporating wood and brass to match his space as well as going with a nautical theme with working portholes and intelligent accent lighting throughout. The tank has a marble bar around the perimeter allowing intimate evenings with a glass of wine while immersed in the tank.

Filtration for 340 gallon reef tank

The system has everything a large reef would need to support it. UV, Bio Reactor, Refugium, Dosing, and a ton of automation. We monitor and control all our high end tanks with Neptune Apex systems. This allows us to watch your tanks from afar and get the data we need to troubleshoot potential issues before we even step into the home! This also allows for the complex automated water change systems performing about 10 gallons a day with minimal of 2-3 levels of safety to protect against system failures.

Everything about this tank is 'above and beyond' with some of the customizations including built in control panels, lighted dosing containers with magnetic stirrers, and wood trims and paneling to cover the massive amounts of wiring. The hood has a hydraulic lift mechanism and all the filtration sits in a drip tray that is plumbed to a drain incase something leaks.

Here is a video of the Hydraulic Lift Canopy. Is it necessary? No, but is it cool? Yes!

At 4 years old, the tank is filled with life. Imagine unwinding after a day of work to this view.

Mature Reef with fish and corals
Mature Reef with fish and corals


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