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400 Gallon Freshwater Peninsula Aquarium

We were contacted at the begining of the year in 2023 to talk about an aquarium idea for a house undergoing a full renovation. After speaking to the client and the contractor, I had enough information to design the tank and get a quote going. The client wanted a room divider, tall, easily maintained show stopper.

A home renovation is the perfect time to design your aquarium. We were able to communicate with the contractors to put a water source and drain right under the tank. This allows us to setup an automatic water change system. No more carrying buckets or routing hoses through your house. We believe in intelligent designs that will make your life much easier. This tank will be easier to maintain that a standard 55 gallon tank you get at petco.

It was not until a year later in which the house was ready for installation day. We had Trent, owner of Crystal Dynamics Aquariums deliver the tank and stand personally. The tank was beautiful, made perfect to our specifications. It took us a week and a half to get the system water ready. Freshwater systems are much simpler that Saltwater reefs, but that doesn't mean this system wasn't tricked out. A Custom 60" wet dry sump and a matching custom 60 gallon water resevoir supports the tank's life support systems. A Reverse Osmosis filter makes 99% pure water right under the tank and water changes, top off, and resevoir refills are all done automatically. Being a Peninsula, its always challenging getting the proper flow from the end of the tank, so a closed loop was also implemented.

We searched all local wholesalers, stores, and our private cache for XXL show quality pieces of wood. to create the aquascape. Here are some pics taken 4 months in. There are still some tannins, but the tank looks amazing!


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